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Four kegel trainers next to each other, alternating blue and purple colors.

Ruby kegel trainer

Ruby kegel trainer is an exerciser for pelvic floor muscles, made of premium quality medical grade silicone. Kegel exercises are recommended for women with weak pelvic floor muscles, women who have just given birth or women who experience incontinence. Every purchase supports our social mission to promote a healthy body image, a higher self-esteem and...
Clear menstrual cup cleaner, with cover, on a red background.

Ruby clean

Ruby clean is a great accessory for disinfecting your menstrual cup between your periods. It can handle high temperatures and is easily used in the microwave. It’s foldable and fits in any small bag or pocket, so you can easily bring it with you anywhere. All variants are registered with the Vegan Society.
Skin care

Heather shaving soap

Allow this soap’s soft foam to gently soften your skin. Bentonite clay helps to create a smooth surface on your skin, allowing your razor to glide effortlessly. Arctic heather is packed with anti-inflammatory properties and forest-scented essential oils, such as juniper, vetiver grass and sandal wood, to help soothe your skin post-shave. To use, lather it...
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