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Zwoice . Oct 24, 2020

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Our individual choices are always a result of the information we have access to, the knowledge we acquire and the evolution these drive us to go through. We would therefore like to share with you a selection of educational and eye-opening movies and documentaries, linked in one way or another to the environment, which guided and inspired us on our personal journey towards a more sustainable, ethical, zero waste and vegan lifestyle. All of these were great kick-starters to help us understand and critically reflect upon how does the world around us work, embark on our own extensive research on the various topics, and ultimately shape the values and conscious decisions, which we are proudly advocating for today. Happy watching!

Global warming

A close view on the strong influence of money, politics, industries, but also individuals on the fight against global warming, accompanied by an urgent call to immediate action and concrete examples from around the world of why and how we can all help protect our planet.


These movies explain in depth how do some of the industries we are exposed to every day operate and to help us understand how our everyday choices and gestures allow us to speak up, be compassionate and respect others, and eventually to truly make a difference.


This selection of waste related documentaries uncovers beautiful aerial images of the Earth visualising the man caused issues it faces, the alarming truth about plastic pollution and its impact on us and our planet, as well as the pros and cons of the various waste management solutions we employ today.

Going plant based

After watching these movies, you will have no doubt that a well-balanced whole food plant-based diet is the most impactful alimentary choice we can make to protect our planet, our own health and the future of our children.

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