Movies about the environment

Zwoice . Jan 2, 2019

Picture of a giraffe with two camera lenses placed on its eyes
"Home" movie poster


Beautiful aerial images of the Earth show the links between the man caused issues it faces. 

"A plastic ocean" movie poster

A Plastic Ocean

The alarming truth about plastic pollution and its impact on us and our planet.

"Trashed" movie poster


The pros and cons of the various waste management solutions we employ today. 

"An inconvenient truth" movie poster

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore's quest about the immediate need to fight against global warming. 

"An inconvenient sequel" movie poster

An Inconvenient Sequel

"Fight like your world depends on it."
Because it does. 

"Cowspiracy" movie poster


The devastating environmental impact of large-scale farming on our planet.

"Poverty, Inc." movie poster

Poverty, Inc.

An eye opener on the negative impact of unwanted ways to help developing countries.
"The true cost" movie poster

The True Cost

The dark side of today's fast fashion industry and about why slow is better when it comes to clothes.

"Tomorrow" movie poster


Concrete examples from around the world of why and how to help protect our planet.

"What the health" movie poster

What the health

The health movie that health organisations do not want you to see.

"Forks over knives" movie poster

Forks over knives

Understand all the advantages and the reasoning behind a whole foods plant based diet.

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