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A young family on a mission to inspire mindful consumption.

We are Philippe and Nika, passionate ambassadors of the zero waste lifestyle who believe that “we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” And so, as proud and loving parents, we do every little possible to avoid having a negative impact on the environment.

We pay attention to how we get around, favouring walking, using our bikes and choosing public transport, avoiding even the occasional car ride as much as we can. Our flat is powered by renewable energy and when it comes to shopping we are making choices true to a zero waste lifestyle. That said, we only buy what we need and consider second hand options before we commit to a purchase. When buying new, we shop package free using homemade reusable bags, only settle for organic products and watch out for where and how were they grown or made. Composting has become part of our routine and we also make sure we resell or give away what we do not need anymore. When it comes to others, we encourage them to donate their unwanted items or sometimes we save them from the trash ourselves to give them a second life.

These little habits help us minimize our carbon footprint and make a big difference when it comes to reducing our waste output. Every day we get a little closer, but even though the journey to zero waste has been very exciting for us, it was not always easy to find solutions.

And that is why we created Zwoice, a green ecosystem that connects conscious shoppers with Earth friendly businesses, making it simple to feature and find ethical and sustainable alternatives. Because by being mindful together, we can achieve so much more than we could ever imagine.

Our goal is to keep a million wasteful products from ever being made.

Two children at the beach, holding each other and looking towards the sea
Imagine a flourishing waste free world
and act together to make it happen.
A boy in a homemade superhero costume looking decidedly towards the sun

Redefine the way we consume by creating a true zero waste online shopping experience.

A child holding a bunch of colorful candies

Respect, cherish and protect the environment to preserve it for our loved ones.

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