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Not just any product can be found on our marketplace. We created Zwoice to make a meaningful difference in the way we all consume. And to accomplish this goal, our sellers only propose goods aligned with our shared vision of a flourishing waste free world. All items sold on Zwoice therefore comply with our strict selection criteria of being organic, ethical and made to last, or in other words, fair and gentle both to people and the environment. This helps our customers to easily understand what are they made of or where, by whom and how are they manufactured.
Organic - a green meadow with marguerite flowers
All products are made of natural, organic and environmentally friendly components. We strictly hold back on ingredients, materials and production procedures which have a negative impact be it on people or our planet, while at the same time we strive to keep any kind of pollution down to the minimum.
Ethical - a dark haired girl drawing a heart in the sand on the beach
We not only try to reduce the negative environmental impact of consumption, we also aim to support people and fairtrade through our selection of goods manufactured under conditions sustaining local communities, respecting human and animal rights, as well as wages and labour standards.
Made to last - a tree resisting to strong wind
We promote slow consumption, which is the very opposite of fast consumerism. It features long-lasting products, with a timeless design, made by hand or produced by specialised, often small scale manufacturers, while using high quality, robust and resilient raw materials designed to last a lifetime.
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