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To remain carbon neutral, we think local, slow and pick a kg of street waste for each package shipped.

When it comes to delivery, at Zwoice, we believe that thinking local and slow, as well as taking responsibility for offsetting its carbon footprint, will help us all thrive in the long-term.

Nearshoring is key to encourage prosperity and wellbeing of local communities, as well as to tackle the issues arising from global warming and climate change. Globalisation, among others, also means that an average e-commerce package travels 10,340 kilometres and emits 151 grams worth of CO2 for each kilogram of weight. We strive to mitigate the negative impact of transportation by staying local and having our sellers only deliver within the EU, work with low emission transport companies, avoid delivery by plane and be transparent about the locations the products were made in and shipped from. In addition we strongly encourage our customers to purchase in bulk and as locally as possible.

But that is not it. Thanks to the power of choice we all have as customers, we can have an additional positive impact by practicing a “good things take time” mindset. A little planning and patience can do wonders, not only for our stress levels and budget, but also for the environment. However, in today’s “I need it right now” society we are often driven by a make believe sense of urgency created by powerful “you deserve it” and “all is possible” type of messages. Well, you surely deserve it and all is certainly possible, but is it only about you? Does it not matter at what environmental cost will the treat come? Would you make the same choice if you knew that the express delivery stretched along the above mentioned average distance of 10,340 kilometres has a 28 times higher environmental impact than the standard delivery option?

On our side, for every package sent through an order placed on Zwoice, we commit to pick a kilogram of street waste to, at least partially, offset its carbon footprint.

Last, but not least, did you know that due to supply chain inefficiencies 84% of returned goods end up in a landfill or an incinerator? What a huge amount of waste! Our community is committed to avoid such unnecessary waste generation, as well as the associated transport emissions. Sellers review the orders to make sure they ship the right products to the correct address and pack them with care to avoid damages. We also recommend them not to ask having broken products shipped back if these cannot be reused or upcycled. We encourage our buyers to be picky, double check reviews, dimensions and to only settle for products they really need and like. But most importantly, in an unfortunate event of receiving a product they do not appreciate, to think twice about returning it and find a way of giving it as a gift and making someone else happy.

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