GREEN Foundations

Powered by sustainable standards.

At Zwoice, we are fully committed to employ zero waste and carbon neutral standards. Both our services and the office are powered by 100% renewable energy. We strive to apply a simple, clean and intuitively designed user experience, and aim to eliminate “noise” by minimising and optimizing page content and avoiding unnecessary functionalities and emails. Thanks to our engaged sellers, the products featured on Zwoice are of high quality, manufactured with care using natural materials and respectful to the environment as well as the people who created them. All packaging is plastic free and fully compostable or recyclable and we strongly encourage our buyers to have a “good things take time” approach when choosing among their delivery options. To complete this uniquely green ecosystem, we offer tools, such as blog articles, transparent product details and impact savings statistics to encourage informed decision making and inspire responsible purchase behavior.
Green energy - an old white windmill against with blue sky in the background
Minimalist design - a tiny plant in the middle of a desert
Optimised user experience - colorful charts showing a watercolor painted design
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