compostable packaging

A true zero waste online shopping experience.

Our sellers are committed to ship waste free. We require using certified, zero waste, recycled, upcycled or post-consumer shipping boxes, containers and packing materials, all of them of just the right size and fully compostable and plastic free. The less packaging the better, however fragile orders ought to be carefully protected with paper or organic packing materials, such as hay, fabric scraps or dry popped popcorn. The boxes are then sealed either with a cotton string or with a compostable non-reinforced paper tape, using a plant based glue.

Given our commitment to the environment and our sellers going the extra mile to use waste free packing materials, we strongly encourage our lovely customers to reuse, compost or recycle all aspects of packaging that come with the purchased piece.
Post consumer shipping boxes - small carton boxes on a white wooden table
Compostable protection layer - field with dried corn leaves
Plastic free seal - flower patterned paper tape
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