Reusable recipients were made to be re-used.

Even though the sellers we work with share our zero waste values and strive to ship their products as package-free as possible, some of the skin care and beauty products, often cannot entirely avoid packaging. But we have some good news!

Our sellers work with reusable recipients, glass or aluminum for the most part, which can be either recycled or even better, reused or upcycled.

And just in case you do not have a way to reuse or upcycle these containers yourself, in collaboration with our sellers, we have put an exciting re-use system in place for you. Because reusing or upcycling reusable containers rather then trashing or even recycling them is the right and most environmentally friendly thing to do. Why? Well, because they can be reused up to 30 times and sending them back to the seller actually creates less pollution than recycling them or producing new ones from scratch and getting them shipped over, most commonly all the way from Asia.


1. Pamper yourself with eligible beauty products
2. Collect 10 reusable recipients from the same brand
3. Return all of them directly to the seller
4. Get a free beauty product from their portfolio


The eligible products are all clearly marked with “This product is part of our reuse system!” on the product page. The system applies to glass bottles and aluminum containers, cleaned and in good shape, proceeding from the sellers that are taking part in the initiative.


Once empty, keep the reusable containers until you collect 10 of them. Take a picture and email it to: with a subject line: “Approval request - reusable containers return”. We will verify your past orders and if eligible, email you our approval to be added to the return package.


The return package must contain all 10 reusable containers and our email approval. It must always be sent directly to the seller of the recipients it contains. It is therefore not allowed to mix recipients from various sellers within one single package.

The containers need to be cleaned, in a good shape and protected against breakage. That is the only way you can give the bottles a chance of a second life. Please fully respect our zero waste packaging rules and if needed, get some original zero waste packaging ideas here.

Our email approval will also contain the seller’s address, your details and the name of the free product you chose.


It may take several working days to process your package once it has arrived, especially because many of the beauty products sold in reusable containers are freshly made to order. However, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or directly with the seller, in case you haven’t heard from them within 15 days upon the date of your shipment. It is best practice to keep a confirmation receipt of your return shipment, but hopefully nothing will go wrong and you will happily enjoy the free product of your choice.

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