Mindful choices finally get rewarded.

We believe that thoughtful consumption and planet friendly choices should be rewarded, and given this is not always the case, we decided to change that and prepared a program to make it happen for our customers. Anyone with a Zwoice account will be automatically entitled to start collecting reward points either through placing an order on the marketplace or through a successful referral. The collected points may then simply be redeemed on a next purchase. 1000 reward points are worth €10.

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Every purchase on Zwoice is a mindful choice and will allow you to collect reward points.

The number of points you will receive for an order will depend on the price of the item you are purchasing, excluding shipping costs, as well as on which rewards tier did you reach, as per how much you spent with us previously:

  • 1.0% - under €250
  • 1.5% - between €250 & €500
  • 2.0% - between €500 & €1000
  • 3.0% - above €1000

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Earn 300 points for a referral of a friend or family member who places a first order worth at least €30. 

Simply share your personal referral link provided in the “Rewards” section of your Zwoice account via email, facebook or twitter and make sure that your close ones create a Zwoice account using that very same link, as it is the only way for us to identify that you have actually referred them. 

Redeem and enjoy your reward points - family jumping on a sand dune


As soon as you have gathered at least 100 points, you will have the option to redeem them.

To do so, on your next order, you will need to confirm the amount of points you wish to redeem, in the last step of the checkout process, in order to allow for the corresponding reduction to be added to your basket and automatically subtracted from the final payment amount.

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