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We are a small family company with BIG Goals! Dantesmile is a ZEROWASTE and natural products line from Slovenia! It is dedicated to my son Dante and all of the sons and doughters of this PLANET! We chose the name “Dantesmile” because all we want for our kids is for them to be SMILING! So my first priority is my son so I really WANT HIM TO BE SMILING also in his grownup years. Their future is in OUR hands. Lets us be responsible and openminded so the WORLD will be a safe place for our kids and all of the living beings. How did / do we choose our products? We searched for data what kind of plastic and single use (disposable) products the sea washes up on our coasts and what is floating in our Oceans. Of course we also took in consideration that the fish nets for example cannot be directly replaced or removed by our side. So in short – we chose products that we can really influence people and open their eyes that there are ALTERNATIVES to single use plastics!

Smarjeske Toplice, Slovenia

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