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Fifth Origins makes a fashion statement against fast moving consumption in the fashion world and for durable, unique garments. True to the motto "less is more", the high-quality capes have the potential to accompany wearers of every colour through all seasons. We visit our artisan partners twice a year and provide them with training in various fields to help them produce goods that can be sold internationally. Another important aspect of our brand philosophy is the targeted empowerment of women and their integration into the local labour market. For example, in cooperation with our local partners, we have set up a daycare center for the children of our craftswomen to encourage women to enter the world of work without having to worry about how to look after their children while they are away. The capes of Fifth Origins are made of 100% Himalayan wool, which is sourced according to ethical principles and in harmony with animals and nature. It is sourced from local sheep farmers and free-range sheep from the Himachal Pradesh region. The entire process from sourcing the wool to processing it into yarn is carried out by local artisans, which helps the communities to create jobs and build a healthy ecosystem. The dyes used by our artisan partners are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Sustainable and durable fashion with individual styling potential The design of the entire collection is based on the Zero Waste Design concept, so that no raw materials or materials are wasted in the manufacture of the product. Each cape is designed to be worn in all seasons, in a total of more than 15 different ways, and suits different body types. These principles also help to reduce spending related inventory, as it only needs to be made in one size and is not seasonally limited. With good care, the cape can last for years and even be passed on to the next generation. A true masterpiece in any wardrobe, it quickly becomes the preferred multi-functional fashion statement of its wearer. Social sustainability through long-term partnerships Long-lasting partnerships at eye level are the goal when working with local artisans. Cape Infinity and Cape Infinity lite are handmade and hand-woven by experienced artisans from the northern region of India - Himachal Pradesh and Harayana. By continuously generating commissions for them, we offer them a stable and fair income that allows them to live in their local communities and reduce urban migration in search of jobs.

Amstelveen, Netherlands

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