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We're devoted to creating high-quality skincare products which will help you achieve healthy skin stress-free! FISIKA skincare line is seriously eco-friendly, with no fake promises, and combines our passion for health and wellness with our commitment as women to making this world a slightly better place. Inspired by our grandmother’s recipes in soap making and kitchen counter cosmetics, we launched our sustainable business in 2010, in a small village, in Chania of Crete island. Through our family’s need for gentle, harmless and effective ways to help the skin, we combined the heritage from our grandmas, the mother’s passion for creating and the daughter’s vision in clear design. Thus, FISIKA -which stands for Greek Φυσικά, and translates to ‘in a natural manner’ -was born. We invite you to join us as we make healthy skin in sustainable ways a priority. Every one of us, with our existence, through our choices, can help ourselves, our family and the world around us.

Chania, Greece

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