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We from Hempalaya are focused in eco-friendly, natural, fair and unique products made from people in rural areas around the Himalayan area, helping them to help themselves. Our story begins on a one-year journey across Asia. We, this is Desiree & Jan - freedom and nature-loving globetrotters from Vienna. Nepal, a country that immediately fascinated us with its nature and people, ignited the idea to found Hempalaya. Hempalaya products consist mainly of wild Himalaya hemp and natural raw and recycled materials from Nepal. Hempalaya is a fascinating plant that can make an important contribution to the sustainability of this world with its numerous processing possibilities. In the mountain regions of Nepal, the raw plant material is first collected and then processed into fibers by local mountain tribes. After intensive harvesting, collection, and processing, the hemp fibers are woven into fabrics and transported to one of our factories in Pokhara. Here, our handmade products are assembled with love. When manufacturing our products, we work exclusively with women's projects & family sewing workshops from Nepal. Our craftsmen receive a fair wage for their work, training, financial support and access to machines to make their work easier. We work on an equal footing with our suppliers and constantly get an idea of the working conditions on site. 10 % of every sold item goes to CHAY YA AUSTRIA. CHAY YA AUSTRIA is a non-profit association for the global fight against poverty, which concentrates its projects mainly on remote, hard-to-reach areas. Chay Ya comes from the Tibetan and means as much as "let´s do it". The association is mainly active in the Nepalese Himalayas in the sustainable fight against poverty. The project activities vary from humanitarian emergency aid, development of hygienic and medical basic supply up to school education of children, medical training of adults and reconstruction projects after the earthquake.

Vienna, Austria

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