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Welcome to Ravenscraft Jewelry! My handmade jewelry is inspired by all that is magical and mystical, real and surreal, natural and supernatural. I work primarily with crystals, gemstones, and metals. Each piece is uniquely inspired by nature, goddesses, witches, fantasy, film, music, and books. I am American, but living in Munich Germany. My interest in crystals began when I was a child and my aunt worked in a great little crystal shop in Port Jefferson, New York. I loved visiting this store; it felt like a gateway to a magical realm. I started collecting crystals back then and have continued all my life. I have also loved jewelry for as long as I can remember. The two interests collided after a trip to Mt. Shasta, California. I came home from this trip with a huge bounty of new crystals. I decided that I wanted to wear some of them, so I tried my hand at wire-wrapping. Before I knew it, I had become obsessed with creating new jewelry for myself and friends, and had created well over 70 pieces. I am very excited to share my work with you here. This collection represents the imagery and ideas that excite my soul. I love all that is witchy, mystical, magical, medieval, and enchanted. Enjoy!

München, Germany

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