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Your ecological food wrap Hand-made beeswax wraps from local beekeepers’ wax using jojoba oil, resin and 100% cotton. Bee wax is antibacterial and antimycotic, it does not release any harmful substances. At the end of its productive life, it can be used as part of your compost or as fire starter. It is a great alternative to plastic cling foil. By using beeswax wraps, you reduce the amount of disposable plastic in landfills and in our waters. Easy to maintain, just gently wipe or rinse with lukewarm water. In addition, Vcelobal beeswax wrap can be "restored" in every household. The warmth of your hands changes its shape, making it easy to adapt to a new shape. The combination of natural raw materials and 100% cotton allows Vcelobal beeswax wraps to breathe, keeping your food fresh longer. It is suitable for covering fruit bowls, pastries, vegetables, during picnics or wrapping a sandwich.

Bratislava, Slovakia

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