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We Give a SUCK was born after we, Lucy and Marie, both felt completely hopeless when thinking about the future of our planet and were wondering how to make a change. So we decided to start convincing our family and friends to adopt a zero-waste way of life as often as possible and always look for alternatives to plastic and disposable items. Our straws are 100% natural, organic, reusable, ethic and biodegradable (yes, you can put them in your compost without fear!). The bamboo they are from has been grown completely naturally and has never been treated with any chemical product. At We Give a SUCK, we believe in being not only eco-friendly but people friendly too. We Give a SUCK is not only about our planet but about the women on it as well, who are in less fortunate circumstances. By using SUCK straws you save the planet and also contribute to women in Indonesia earning an ethical living.

Lucy & Marie
Wavre, Belgium

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