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My name is Ana and I live near Barcelona, ​​in Sant Joan Despi. Since my daughter was born, and because of the change that entails, (lack of resources when deciding to stay by her side, instead of seeing her only three or four hours a day in her early years, and feeling very sensitive about the future that we are leaving them), I wanted to break with too standarized and aggressive routines, which greatly weaken the ecosystem, and, simultaneously, create too much reliance and excessive comfort from us towards a sick system. So, I look for ways to greater self-sufficiency, that are efficient, environmentally friendly, durable and, as far as possible, cheap, both in basics like house cleaning and toiletries, to giving an extra treat to skin and hair (and somehow the soul through scent). I also taught myself how to sew and knit, or more varied and attractively "useless" things, such as making toys for my child, or decoration, working with felt, fabric, wool and cotton, although mostly felt. Hence my name, "Felt and bubbles", from an initial time in which I was as productive on felties as I was on soap, the initial point of my all-natural cosmetics project, that nowadays its core. I offer cosmetics based on the vegetable world and aromatherapy, mostly ecological, and suggestions for a home also free of harmful chemicals. I do not work with palm oil, for conscious reasons (mass destruction of habitats). Likewise, although I like trying out new ingredients, I try to keep it as local and as fresh as possible, so that the ecological footprint is lower, and the traceability is simpler and more ethical ... although that may mean paying more for the raw material. I intend to offer biodegradable alternatives, that do not put us at risk, or our seas, rivers, air and land ... and at a price as affordable as possible. The soaps, which I previously made with soda, are now based on surfactants, but of vegetable origin exclusively (derived from coconut oil), and very mild to be used. I have made this change because this way the properties of natural additives are better preserved, also because they disperse better, and because their PH is more neutral, this being the greatest advantage over the more traditional soda-based. I made them kind of luxurious (and it takes longer to be made )by adding macerates, essential oils, dry fruit, milk, clay, honey, ... The solid shampoos, likewise, are made in a similar way, but with specific extracts for each type of hair, in which I especially include my knowledge on Ayurvedic plants. By containing specific emulsifiers for the hair, they do not get the dry out feeling to it. A complement, for hair means to ends, are the conditioners, to soften and lower its PH (the one of the hair is lower than that of the scalp). I tend to make light creams, too, rich in liquid, and only with a minimum ratio of emulsifier and oils / butter, because I consider it the best long-term option, and not only for mixed / greasy skin. The floral waters by distillation and the aloe vera gel are recurrent in my compositions. Both emulsifiers and preservatives are also of vegetable origin (more expensive, but we are worth it ;) ). Also, I understand that, for cases of dry areas, cracks, for an older life stage, ... more nutrition is needed, and for that I offer whipped butter, and many other personalized elaborations. In addition, I make homemade air fresheners, deodorants, toothpastes, scented candles, ointments, lip balms,... The color variants are given by natural additives (clays, fruits, ...), as well as the aromas, exclusively through extracts, hydrolates and essential oils. Special pride of pride are the mixtures of scents created, unparalleled with synthetics, with therapeutic properties and without being endocrine disruptors. I sometimes include some ingredient produced by animals, such as honey, although always in a minimum proportion (2% maximum); If you want a vegan option, let me know, and I'll adapt it. Obviously, I do not test on animals. The commerces that sell us petrochemicals at the price of gold for what the production cost means, generally, yes. They test in China (where there are no animal protection laws) and sell in Europe, e.g. Natural cosmetics, even though they can be dangerous poorly formulated, since they're powerful, they're much more compatible with the skin tissue and do not need animal torture to prove it. I use ecological cosmetics, although it is sometimes difficult to find everytyhing ecological, especially ecological essential oils. What is ecological, I let it know through the *. As for the wrapping, it's usually some cotton cord, and I can include a small message tag. The packaging material is always upcycled Kraft paper or cardboard. I can work on request for details such as communions, weddings, end of course presents, ... booking well in advance (a month), and agreeing upon a unique design. On demand, I make felt gifts. Eg., hanging gifts for the Christmas tree, brooches, house decoration, toys for kids filled with dried flowers, iris root and essential oils ... if you offer me an ample time frame, anything you can think of :) I hope you enjoy this area, where you will be finding everything I have at your disposal, or, for other matters, informative ones, such as an aid for green housecleaning, or effective vegetable dyes, (in development) you can visit my blog: https://www.fieltroyburbujas.com/. Besides, you can occasionally find here any info on fairs I take part in. Thanks for being there, you make it possible ;).

Ana Belén
Sant Joan Despí, Espagne

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