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Welcome to my handmade shop! My name is Gita. I live, work and create in small country called Lithuania. Natural fabrics and threads play a big part in my life. From very early age I started to crochet and sewing. For all the lessons I am and will be grateful to my mother. It wasn't easy to learn especially because I'm left-handed. I chose the way to create things which I would wear by myself, which I would give as a present to my loved ones, to everybody who appreciate my work and my natural fabrics, materials and threads. I make long lasting, functional, high quality items. I love nature very much and I wouldn't let myself to pollute it. That's why all this manufacturing of natural materials gives such a pleasure. I hope by doing it I can be part of the cleaner tomorrow. All my zero waste items are reusable or recycle. Let's start from ourselves and make the world more beautiful and cleaner. Thank you! Sincere greetings from Lithuania!

Siauliai, Lituanie

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