We Give a SUCK

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Lucy and Marie met while working for an association advocating gender equality and boosting girls confidence. They rapidly realized that their common interests were numerous and that not only could they be friends and colleagues but also partners in a new activity. Ideas were plentiful, tea and coffee abundant... and that's how We Give a SUCK was born. They both felt completely hopeless when thinking about the future of our planet and were wondering how to make a change. So they decided to start convincing their family and friends to adopt a zero-waste way of life as often as possible and always look for alternatives to plastic and disposable items. For Lucy, the wake-up call was seeing a sea-turtle suffering because of a plastic straw. For Marie, it was reading about the Ocean Cleanup project and realizing that needing this kind of solution was insane and could be so easily avoided. One day, Lucy contacted Tina, ordered a few hundreds of bamboo straws. Marie started to design an Etsy shop, a website and social media, and here they come! On a daily basis, your orders are getting prepared by Lucy, with lots of love in her gorgeous house in Wavre, Belgium. The posts you see on Facebook and Instagram are published by Marie, from her beautiful apartment in Leuven, Belgium. And together they are always talking about future plans and ideas. Teaser? Teaser! Get ready for some personalized and customized bamboo straws...

Lucy & Marie
Wavre, Belgique

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